Vaccination Requirements

All vaccinations must be up to date and include the following: (A copy of veterinary records is required).

  • Rabies
  • Bordatella
  • Puppies must have all boosters in the series prior to entry
  • All puppies 7 months and older must be spayed or neutered

Flea Prevention: Required.  A flea/tick combination is highly recommended

  • If fleas are found on your pet at time of arrival, a flea/tick preventative will be applied at your expense prior to joining in daycare or boarding

Medication: No extra charge for administration of most medications

Temperament Testing: All dogs must undergo a temperament test prior to playing or staying here. Temperament testing is performed to ensure the safety of all dogs and people involved and is by appointment only. Your dog will enjoy a half-day of free play on the day of testing when he/she passes evaluation. Veterinary records are required on evaluation day. Please contact us for an appointment.

Feeding: Generally dogs in daycare don't require feeding while here, but if your pup has special dietary needs we'll be happy to accommodate them. For Boarders: Because a change in diet can cause intestinal upset we ask that you provide your dog's current food. Please bring enough for the entire stay plus a little extra because your pup might get extra hungry from all the play! Please bring food in a sealed container or bag. You may portion it ahead of time but it is not required to do so.

Bedding: Bedding is provided but you are welcome to bring yours if you prefer. If your pup has a special blanket or article of clothing you are welcome to bring it along as well. However, we would appreciate the bedding and articles you bring to be freshly vacuumed and/or laundered.

Please give 48 hours notice when cancelling